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When visiting Krakow you have a unique chance to see one of the most interesting places in the surroundings of the town - Wieliczka Salt Mine. Situated only 10 km away from Krakow, it is the oldest salt establishment in Poland, functioning since the XIII century. Spread over nine levels, concealed under the town, the mine reaches down to the depth of 327 metres and is 300 km long. The tourist route is about 3,5 km long and shows magnificent chapels (with the most famous St. Kinga's chapel - the most impressive and opulent underground temple), picturesque underground lakes, statues of historic and mythic figures (all sculpted out of the rock salt) and exhibits on the history of salt mining. In 1978 the mine was inscribed in UNESCO's World List of Cultural and Natural Heritage.

The tour includes:transfer, English speaking tour leader, guide and entrance fee.
Timetable: on request.
Duration: 4 hours



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